AirBridge™ 2000 - Acquire, Monitor and Control from Cloud

Our newest addition to the AirBridge™ family, AirBridge™ 2000 is an industrial-grade IoT gateway that instantly turns your device IoT enabled. This edge device supports a varaitey of wireless protocols such as GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on. In addition to out-of-the-box support for the industrial comm standard MODBUS over RS485, it has a rich set of GPIOs, DACs, ADCs, PWMs and serial interfaces for a varitey of integration options.

AirBridge™ 1000 - industrial IoT Gateway

AirBridge™ 1000 is our mini wireless gateway built for industrial IoT applications. Supports MODBUS over RS485 out-of-the-box. It has a compact formfactor and can work in ultra-low power mode.



NodeBridge™ - wireless IoT nodes for energy metering and more

Our super compact wireless node that can work in both wired and wireless modes. Ideal for energy metering, distributed sensor networks setups

FieldBridge™ - cloud-managed mobile application

The mobile app has rich features that extends remote management for teams on the move. The mobile app is cloud-managed solution and allows notifications and alerts instantly delivered to the mobile user. In addition it facilitates as a data collection tool during site surveys, installation, rectification and other management processes. The app supports photo capturing, barcode scanning and data collection such as GPS based location, custom fields. Another highlight of the mobile app is its capability to work offline in scenarios where there is intermittent internet connectivity without affecting work flow. Field teams can use the app to request access to site and on approval remotely unlock doors. TowerSTAY Mobile Application is currently supported on Android devices only.

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