SmartFactory - Industry 4.0 readiness

Factories have constantly grappled with the problem of finding ways to improve efficiency, reduce wastage and better monitor and manage industrial processes. Plenty of metrics generated by various sensors, systems, processes are often underutilized often due to lack of interoperable systems or difficulties in connecting the dots.

Our SmartFactory solutions helps to monitor machine data, identify inefficiencies and deviations in processes so that you can address them better. This can translate to wastage reductions due to process flaws, improved capacity utilization, tighter quality control. Also enables sustainable green practices, improve supply chain traceability and the overall productivity.



SmartTowers - comprehensive Tower RMS solution

Working in partnership with Hetrogenous Communication Technologies, we have deployed our solution to top tower companies. Our solution helps monitor over 100 paramters per site.


SmartGen - RMS for generators

This an RMS solution to manage remotely deployed Generators. You can remotely capture diagonistics information about the generators, monitor consumption reports or push a command to turn the generator on or off

SmartSolar Energy Monitoring and Audit solution

This is a remote energy metering solution that is deployed to measure DC energy from solar panel farms

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